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It’s time for autumn adventures!

Live English autumn adventures

This weekend I went on an amazing sunset hike in Itoshima, which is about an hour and a half west of Fukuoka (train + bus).

This is a photo of us at the summit of Mt. Kaya. The hike was a little challenging! My legs are still sore today.

Left to right this is me, my co-teacher Bryan from Ecuador, my roommate Nana from Osaka, my friend Amr from Egypt and his two friends Jose (from Spain) and Marsha (from Russia).

Left to right = 左から右に順番に

Live English autumn adventures

Just before we reached the top, the sun started setting. The pictures don’t do it justice, but it was really breathtaking with the fog hovering over the islands.

don’t do it justice = 実物よりかは劣ってしまう

Live English autumn adventures

There was beautiful scenery throughout the climb, actually. I recognized bamboo, pine and maple trees.

Unfortunately I don’t know what this tree is. As you can see, it had many vines and branches, as well as roots that stuck out of the ground.

In total it took us just over an hour to ascend, and most of the trail is deep between the trees. I have to admit–this climb was not an easy one. Some of the steps were very steep!

Still, it was refreshing to see people of all ages enjoying the mountain. There were families with young children greeting us with こんにちは and then older generations using ご苦労様です.

Live English autumn adventures

The whole time I could see the sea, I was trying to find Futamigaura 二見ヶ浦 糸島. It may be here on the right. There is a thin strip of land in the far right of this picture.

in the far = ずっと遠くに

That place has special meaning for me because it’s the first place I went sightseeing the day after I arrived in Japan… Next month I’m excited to apply to renew my visa. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Live English autumn adventures




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