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ということで、本日はLive English専属講師の一人、Doug先生(アメリカ出身)をご紹介するため、先生にインタビューをしてきました。以前は日本にも2年間住んでいた事もあり、日本語も勉強していました。日本が大好きで英語教育に強い情熱を持つ先生です。

Q1: 日本の好きなところはどんな所ですか?

A1: One thing I really like about Japan is it’s strong culture, and its many traditional celebrations to help preserve that culture. Another thing I really like is the diversity of its people. Some people outside Japan are under the false impression that Japanese are all the same, but the truth is just the opposite. Every one of my Japanese students is very unique, and each has a very interesting and individual personal history. I really love teaching English to my students as well as learning from them everyday!

Q2: 日本を訪れた事はありますか?日本で一番好きな場所を教えて下さい

A2: I’ve visited many places in Japan, and I enjoyed every place. I don’t think any place is my favorite. I really enjoy Tokyo, and I like visiting the popular tourist places such as Tsukiji Market in the early morning, followed by sushi for breakfast!

Q3: 日本人に英語を教える事の中で、一番楽しい!興味深い!と思う事を教えて下さい

A3: My favorite part of teaching Japanese is seeing students progress, and become better speakers. It’s really exciting to see a student that has improved his/her English, and makes me feel good. I also enjoy feeling like I have many new friends in Japan now. I consider each of them a friend.

Q4: 先生から見る「日本人」を5ワード以内で教えてください

A4: Respectful, hardworking, dedicated, loyal, disciplined

Q5: 自分を本当に幸せだなと思わせてくれるものは?

A5: My wife, children, grandchildren, traveling, teaching English, and making new friends all make me genuinely happy.

Q6: 先生の受け持ちの生徒様に一言おねがいします

A6: I appreciate every one of my students. I feel very loyal to each one of them, and try to do my best to think about and customize their lessons in a way that best fits their needs. To all of them, please keep up your studies, you are all people who are working to improve themselves each day, and in my opinion, that is what is important in life.






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